Digital Coffee (Free) #12 — five interesting reads & some thoughts to ponder 🤔

Digital Coffee (Free) #11 — Asia’s future, how Netflix works, and part two of the health series

Digital Coffee (Paid) #12 — Uber’s record setting losses, as well as 11 kids who have $250 billion pegged to them!

Digital Coffee (Paid) #11 — trade wars escalating, what I’m focusing on, and some Quora magic

Digital Coffee (Paid) #10 — ten realisations

Digital Coffee (Free) #10 — did I really just hit my goal? 📈

Digital Coffee (Free) #7 — thinking about day trading, AI filing patents & what I’m currently reading

Digital Coffee (Paid) #9 — a freebie for all subs, Libra may never launch and carbon sequestration

Digital Coffee (Paid) — thought of the day

Digital Coffee (Free) #6 — finding your purpose, the world catching up on AI & talking about anxiety

Digital Coffee (Paid) #8 — impounding 10,000 scooters? Also, NYT explores how to stamp out #fakenews

Digital Coffee (Paid) #7 — what it’s like to fall out of favour with Google & thinking from first principles 🚀

Digital Coffee (Free) #5 — cashing out $700m pre-IPO 🧐 as well as striking while the iron is cold, and approaching interactions with kindness

Digital Coffee (Paid) #6 — earnings season for social networks, and how to deal with anger 🤬

Do you know what your goals are for this day, week or month?

Digital Coffee (Paid) #5 — bootstrapping your side business to $20k/month & how to stay focused

Digital Coffee (Paid) #4 — Five links & a short note on ‘Applied AI’

Digital Coffee (Paid) — on being a good manager

Digital Coffee — the power of “threes”, and push-ups predicting how long you’ll live 💪

How are you going to carve out an unfair advantage?


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