Digital Coffee (Paid) #6 — earnings season for social networks, and how to deal with anger 🤬

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5 interesting reads for your Friday

  1. The American military shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, President Trump said. The drone is said to have come “within threatening range” of the Boxer, an American assault ship. It’s unclear if the drone was armed. The news closely followed an announcement from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran that it had detained a tanker, which it claimed had been smuggling fuel (NY Times)

  2. $25,000/month selling interchangeable flip flops... similar to earlier in the week, for all the budding entrepreneurs out there, I want to draw attention to another website I frequently visit for inspiration for my side projects. Starter Story does a great job of profiling various online (mostly direct to consumer) brands. I’d recommend you spend some time scrolling around this weekend.

  3. Second-quarter earnings reports are due out next week for the three big social networks, and Snap Inc. has the potential for more positive momentum on Wall Street. Snap shares surged over the $15 mark for the first time in over a year last week, before settling back down in the $14 range this week, and Zacks predicts the company's Q2 earnings will show 37 percent growth over the same quarter last year. The company's earnings have exceeded Zacks' Consensus Estimates for the last four quarters in a row, and may do the same again, coming in above $358.5 million. The company has been showing growth in daily active users and user engagement, most notably with a viral gender-swap lens that drove new downloads in May. Snap's earnings will come out July 23, with Facebook's to follow on July 24, and Twitter's on the morning of July 26 before market open. (Nasdaq)

  4. Oakland has become the third US city to ban public use of face recognition. Its council voted unanimously to outlaw the use of the tech by police and other public agencies. (Gizmodo) Politicians in the UK are calling for the country to suspend trials of the tech. (BBC)

  5. The solar sail spacecraft LightSail2 took some amazing photos of Earth. Don’t we look great. 🌍 (Techcrunch)

Some thoughts on anger

Yesterday whilst scrolling through Twitter two different tweets about ‘managing anger’ came up. And it reminded me of a quote I heard somewhere (and I’m going to recite it terribly, so please do excuse me..) it went something like “the most valuable lesson MBAs get from all their years at college is the ability to count to 10 when something angers them...” and while it’s built up for dramatic effect, it does have some truth. The ability to remain cool and collected when something has angered you is a great quality to have. 

“Anger is an acid that does more harm to the version which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured” - Mark Twain

This got me thinking about a book I recently read - The Untethered Soul, and how it has been effective at helping me start to get my emotions in check. 

I have been spending time lately practicing what it is like to be a more conscious observer. The idea that I am aside from my thoughts and perceptions, that I am simply experiencing but I am not my experience, has been completely novel and enticing. It’s sort of bizarre to have been on this planet for so long and never thought about the concept of being separate from my thoughts. I’ve been advised many times to witness my thoughts, to watch them and acknowledge them and let them go, but never have I thought about how I could be something other than the voice inside my head. I never took the stance that the fact that I can hear my thoughts makes me apart from them.

I’d recommend reading up a bit over the weekend on anger, EQ, as well as maybe even checking out the book recommendation! 

Quote of the day

“We are in the process of destroying this planet. And we have sent robotic probes to every planet in the solar system — this is the good one. So, we have to preserve this planet.”

—Jeff Bezos makes a good case to CNBC for investing some of his billions into combating climate change, while he discusses his space technology company Blue Origin.